Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts for Dispensaries

As we’re sure you already know, it’s critical that you have the ability to accept credit cards, no matter what type of business you operate. Here at the Transaction Group (TTG) we have a merchant account alternative for the mmj industry that allows recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries to accept debit and credit cards fast and easy.

At TTG we’ve been assisting mmj dispensaries with their credit card processing needs since 2011.

Historically, it’s been very difficult for medical marijuana businesses to get approved for merchant account services. Major credit card brands ceased to support MMJ merchant accounts in 2012, making card payment processing for dispensaries and collectives nearly impossible.

For all businesses these days, some sort of merchant account services are required, as the ability to accept credit cards from customer is important.

Not only do customers prefer to use plastic, but they pretty much expect the ability to do so. Physical or brick and mortar retail stores that don’t are likely losing out on potential sales.

The same holds true for recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. For dispensaries however, it’s usually not that they don’t want to take debit or credit cards, it’s that they think they can’t. Many marijuana dispensaries don’t know that merchant services to process credit cards are actually available to them.

Here at the Transaction Group (TTG) we’ve been assisting mmj dispensaries with their merchant account services needs since 2011.

We still offer credit card processing for the legal marijuana industry that allows recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries to accept debit and credit cards fast and easy.

Our services enable all legally operating marijuana dispensaries to:

  • Accept all major credit card brands
  • Have funds from sales deposited directly into bank account
  • Operate more efficiently

And we offer an incredibly unique solution merchant services solution for dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon: Dispensary owners can offer online purchasing of recreational or medical marijuana for in store pick-up. By selling online, your loyal customers can avoid long-checkout lines by pre-paying and having their products available upon arrival.

Operating as ‘cash-only’ is not only a disservice to customers but also dangerous. Contact TTG today and get set up with merchant services for your marijuana dispensary. Approvals are relatively fast and painless.

Contact us today to learn more:

Call us at 1-888-383-8056 or email us at to get started right away!


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